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Community Grants- Closed 
          Applications will again be accepted  beginning                                                          July 1, 2023

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The Derry Wolverine Dream Foundation, Inc. is proud to offer grants to qualifying organizations whose primary business is conducted in Rockingham & Hillsborough Counties, New Hampshire & is a

501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization registered in good standings with the New Hampshire Department of Justice Charitable Trust Division.


See Full Application Below

Derry Wolverine Dream Foundation 
Grant Application

Service as Section 501(c)(3) . The DWDF Board of Directors review grant applications on a quarterly basis. All Applications MUST be submitted by 4:30pm on the day of the deadline or they will not be considered in that quarter.

2023 Enrollment Periods:
January 1st - February 28th 
July 1st - August 31st

Grant applications may be submitted for up to $10,000 in maximum funding, though not all grants will receive this maximum grant award. your organization will be notified of the committee's decision via mail. Only online applications will be accepted for review. Complete the application and provide the required documents. Missed information will result in your application being denied.                                                 

Have you received a grant from DW Dream Foundation in the past?
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NO          If you answered NO to the question above, is your organization part of a municipality? 

                 (ie. part of city, state, town or country government. Examples are: Public school system, city recreation departments, county                              council on gaining, mental health, etc.)

NO          Application is pending (If approved, grant cannot be paid until permanent ruling is received.) 

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I have read the grant application instructions. I understand the policy and requirements of applying., receiving and retaining the grant. I understand that my eligibility to receive the grant is at the discretion of the DWDF Selection Committee. 

Terms and Conditions

If you are awarded a grant, you agree to

  • All funds awarded must be appropriated as requested in the grand application. 

  • Proof of expenditures must be supplied upon request.

  • Share grant recipient graphic on social media and/or banner ad on your website (Derry Wolverine Dream Foundation to provide).

  • Share photographs of members that benefited as a result of grant with Derry Wolverine Dream Foundation upon request.

  • Provide testimonial to Derry Wolverine Dream Foundation upon request.

  • Agree to be interviewed by media (pending media responses)

  • Receive communications from Derry Wolverine Dream Foundation and grant partners.

I agree to these Terms and Conditions

Thank you for your application! We will be in touch. 

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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